A novel view about (what we call) reality.
our epistemological foundations
Every belief system is a set of rules sustained by a semi coherent narrative designed to relate to know facts in an orderly fashion. Pretending that such systems are isometric with something outside them is plain nonsense and utterly naïve. Yet, most people will choose to believe a certain map, and be certain about they, this time, finally have it: They KNOW (not believe) their map is isometric with reality itself. We are saved.
For a while....
Until the next map arrives and the previous one is considered to be merely a set of elegant epicycles with no relation to "reality".

Philosophy has been an important part of my life since I was a little kid. I always wondered about "the big questions", and spent countless years looking for answers in books and schools. I have training as a scientist, when I was studying the electro physiological correlates of the conscious experience. I was a member of a Cognitive Science Group and went to some Spiritual Retreats to practice intense meditation.
At one point I realised several things, and decided that the best course of action would be to write what I have learn about what we call "us", and what we call "the world". The result is not something easily understood, not because its inherent complexity, but because you need to get rid of all the conceptual baggage we are all carrying without even noticing it.
The journey has been fascinating, and I hope to being able to share my enthusiasm my readers.